Liquid Coffee
& Tea Concentrate

Advantages of using Liquid Coffee

Eliminates Messy Grounds

Consistent Flavor

Shelf Stable, No Refrigeration Required

Easy Installation

35 Gallons per Bib

540 cups

1 year shelf life

Cost Effective

How to use our Liquid Coffee Concentrate

Our liquid coffee is for use with Bunn LCA, Newco LCD models or any liquid coffee machine that uses a Scholle 1910 connector. Simply screw the bib connector onto the bag and box and you're good to go. No messy grounds to deal with.

The 64 oz bag in box will produce around 35 gal. or roughly 540 cups of coffee. The 1 gal bib will produce 70 gal. or roughly 1080 cups. Hot and consistent every time.  

Liquid coffee is perfect for hospitals, breakrooms, churches, events, etc.

Doesn't require someone to stand by and make coffee frequently.