4 Pod Dispenser with Condiment Tray

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This pod box dispenser comes with a unique way of storing your coffee pods and your coffee condiments. It is designed to store 4 boxes of pods, two by two on a swivel base with a condiment holder that fits snug right on top of the boxes. It is very convenient because with your six pod flavors on the bottom you can just glide the rack to the other side and still be able to get to all your condiments on top.Condiments are not included, but must be purchased separately.
  • Stores 4 pod boxes
  • Swivels both ways for easy access to your pods as well as your condiments
  • 8.34" W x 8.34" D
  • Comes in two pieces, your swivel base and your fitted condiment holder for the top
Product Name: 4 Pod Dispenser with Condiment Tray
Item Code: SKC19


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