Green Coffee Beans

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Home Roasting Ideas 

The owners are and began evaluation coffee over ten years ago.   Bill McClure and step-daughter, Ellie, started the coffee business with the intent of being a good coffee roaster.  McClure bought a few good domains (URL's) like, Coffee, Coffee and

We evaluate incoming coffee samples and travel to our sources around the world. We now have a number of working partners sourcing, inspecting, roasting and packaging fresh coffee. 

Basically, coffee has not been a luxurious success overnight.  It has taken years to perfect our craft. 

Home Roasting Basics

Choosing a variety can be overwhelming especially if you do not know what you like. Don’t get discouraged if you don't know. We get calls all the time on this subject, we suggest trying our assorted unroasted sampler. It contains all of our top sellers and is a perfect way to start roasting. Go ahead and get creative with it mix beans together and make your own blends. We think blending is great. What you lack in one bean you can make up with another.