Raw Green Beans

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You can find a large selection of single-origin Raw Green Beans at Coffee USA.  We sell by the pound so you don't have to buy in large quantities.  It's perfect for the small or hobby roaster.

All our beans are of superior quality and ready to be roasted.  As always let us know if you have any questions.

Home Roasting Ideas 

A Great Selection of Green Coffee Beans. Starting At $5.95. Single Origin Coffee. Direct Trade and Coop available.  Types: Ethiopian, Guatemalan, Colombian, Brazilian Honduran, Kenyan, Sumatran, Tanzanian, Hawaiian, and more.

At Coffee Wholesale, we Provide The Best Home Coffee Experience For Our Customers. We are one of the top roasters in the country and sell you the best direct trade beans.

Roast these green coffee beans to your specifications for a delicious custom coffee. These are green, unroasted coffee beans. They produce a rich, full-bodied brew with medium acidity.

Home Roasting Basics

It's easy to roast at home.  

Choosing a variety can be overwhelming especially if you do not know what you like. Don’t get discouraged if you don't know. We get calls all the time on this subject, we suggest trying our assorted unroasted sampler. It contains all of our top sellers and is a perfect way to start roasting.. Go ahead and get creative with it mix beans together and make your own blends. We think blending is great... what you lack in one bean you can make up with another.

How to Roast Coffee Beans

To roast at home we recommend using a crank style popcorn maker. You can also use a heavy frying pan or a cast iron skillet.

1: Start by heating the frying pan or roaster on the stovetop to a medium setting, or until temperature reaches about 475 F. Add up to 8 oz. of green coffee beans and close the lid and begin turning the crank (or stirring) constantly.

2: Continue stirring. Beans must be agitated constantly for an even roast. At a minimum, beans must be stirred every 30 seconds. In 4- 7 minutes the beans will start to make crackling sounds. At this time coffee smelling smoke will start to appear. If you have a fan hood, turn it on now, or open the window.

3: About a minute after the first crack check the beans color frequently (once a minute) until the beans have reached the desired roast color.

4: Once the beans are roasted to your satisfaction, immediately remove from heat and pour into a large metal colander to cool. Toss or stir the beans to remove excess chaff and speed the cooling process.