Breakfast Blend Filter Packs - 2.25 Ounce

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All Day Gourmet Breakfast Blend Filter Packs 

All Day Gourmet Breakfast Blend Filter Packs (formerly Miss Ellie's), also known as a coffee pack, is ground coffee first sealed in a filter bag before being sealed in an individually wrapped bag. Since the coffee is actually sealed within a filter, it does not require a separate filter for brewing. This allows you to simply place the Filter Pack into the brew basket and move on. This is the ideal solution for a fast-paced environment and no mess.

  • 36 Filter Packs per Box
  • 2.25 ounce filter pack for a strong brew
  • No Mess, Easy Cleanup
  • Convenient with the filter built in
Product Name:  All Day Gourmet Breakfast Blend Filter Packs
Manufacturer: All Day Gourmet
Item Code: 140790

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