White Bear Mocha Cappuccino

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Case of 6 2lb Bags
2lb bag

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A Case of Mocha Cappuccino, 6 bags to the case

White Bear Mocha Cappuccino is made with the highest quality ingredients to guarantee superb taste and customers coming back for more. Blended with 100% Colombian coffee, creamer and non-fat milk, our cappuccino has a superior flavor and works with all types of hot beverage equipment.
  • White Bear Mocha Cappuccino

  • Excellent taste and an abundance of froth with sweet flavor and a pleasant aroma

  • Use in Convenience Stores for cappuccino and hot cocoa dispensers or Mix at home

  • Mix with hot water for the perfect cappuccino drink

  • Each bag yields approximately 32 8 oz. cups of cappuccino

    Product Name: White Bear Mocha Cappuccino - 6 / 2lb Bags / Case

    Manufacturer: White Bear

    Item Code: WBE3C13000