White Bear White Chocolate Cappuccino 2lb Bag (Formerly Miss Ellie's)

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Case of 6 2lb Bags
2lb Bag

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White Bear White Chocolate Cappuccino Mix

Formally Miss Ellie's

White Bear White Chocolate Cappuccino is made with the highest quality ingredients to guarantee superb taste and customers coming back for more. Blended with 100% Colombian coffee, creamer and non-fat milk, our cappuccino has a superior flavor and works with all types of hot beverage equipment.
  • White Bear White Chocolate Cappuccino

  • Excellent taste and an abundance of froth with sweet flavor and a pleasant aroma

  • Use in Convenience Stores for cappuccino and hot cocoa dispensers or Mix at home

  • Mix with hot water for the perfect cappuccino drink

  • Each bag yields approximately 32 8 oz. cups of cappuccino

    Product Name: White Bear White Chocolate Cappuccino  2lb Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Loved the flavor!

Warrensburg, MO
The very best out there...

There isn't a better white chocolate cappuchino out there on the market. This is the best!!!

Fayetteville, NC
OK, but EXTREMELY sweet

This is far too sweet for my taste. I have been using it as a coffee creamer instead. I found that by the time I put enough in hot water to get much taste, it was overpoweringly sweet. But don't let that deter you if you do have a sweet tooth!