Wolfgang Puck Coffee - Pods - Extra Bold Noir

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  • Extra Bold pods from Wolfgang Puck contain over 25% more coffee
  • For use in single cup pod brewers (use double pod holder if applicable)
  • Makes a fuller-bodied, more flavorful, stronger cup of coffee
  • An artfully crafted coffee blend, dark roasted for smoky intensity
Wolfgang Puck Single Serve Pods - Extra Bold Noir - 16 per box
All Wolfgang Puck Coffees are estate grown at high altitudes where the coffee cherries ripen slowly to allow their unique flavors and aromas to fully develop. Our coffees are selected from the top 5% of the world's coffee production, then blended and roasted according to Wolfgang's personal recipe.

Dark Roast (12g pod, extra bold). An artfully crafted blend, masterfully dark-roasted for a smoky-sweet fuller-bodied coffee.

 Extra Bold pods contain more coffee than standard pods (12g versus 9g)
 Brews fuller-bodied, more flavorful, stronger coffee

 Pods are simple & easy to use - unwrap, brew, and enjoy
 Single cup brewing is more convenient with less coffee waste
 Carry your favorite coffee pods with you wherever you go

 See our entire selection of coffee pods and tea pods

 Each box = 16 "extra bold" coffee pods 
 Each coffee pod makes one cup of superb gourmet coffee
 Each pod is individually wrapped and sealed for maximum freshness

Wolfgang Puck coffee pods are compatible with most Single Cup coffee pod brewers (but not Keurig or Tassimo brewers).
Product Name: Wolfgang Puck Coffee - Pods - Extra Bold Noir 96 Pods
Manufacturer: Wolfgang Puck
Item Code: 016427-pod


Customer Reviews

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Ann Roehm
Black Coffee!!!

This competes well with any coffee shop dark roast. Great aroma, not bitter, wonderful morning wakeup.

Extra bold is no lie

I thought I would try a couple of the extra bold varieties with my last order since they contain 12gr vs 9gr of the flavored varieties. Well, they are bold alright. I use a single pod but do a double pod pass AND then a single pod pass in my Senseo machine and it's still nice and strong to my taste. In fact I've had to back off from the extra bold varieties because I developed caffeine twitches in my face after I started drinking them (3 cups/day). I never had this problem with the 9gr varieties. But if you like your caffeine, then these are good.




No reorder, here.

Good Cup

I'm pleased with the taste and will definitely use it again. My only minor complaint is that most of the ones in the box I got were too full for the K-Cup adapter, so I have to open it and use the grounds. I know it's meant for a pod brewer, but the pods with the adapter are cheaper than the k-cups.