Maple Bacon - Fresh Roasted Coffee

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Nothing says cozy morning breakfast like the tantalizing smell of warm, freshly-roasted coffee being kissed by the aroma of sizzling bacon and sweet maple syrup. Our Fresh Roasted Maple Bacon Flavored Coffee will leave your kitchen smelling like a weekend brunch special without all the fuss. Whether you’re an early riser or a late-night lounger, this roast will satisfy any coffee craving with its blend of mellow roasted beans and savory smoky flavor. We start off with our signature Arabica beans and then slowly roast them until they hit perfection. We then add our unique blend of sweet maple syrup flavors to create the perfect balance before adding a few drops of smoky bacon essence to finish it off. The result? An unforgettable cup that deliciously blends sweet and savory in every sip! So ditch your old breakfast routine and try out ours – we guarantee you’ll never go back!