Folgers Special Roast Filter Pack Coffee - 40/.8oz

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Folgers Special Roast Filter Pack Coffee - 40/.8oz

  • Well-crafted, medium-roasted blend with an exceptional, balanced taste
  • Enticing aroma and full-bodied flavor
  • 100% pure coffee
  • Mountain Grown
Enjoy the ease of filter pack brewing (no paper filter required) with great taste! Folgers Special roast is a value-oriented blend that doesn't skimp on flavor. Each filter pack contains 0.80 oz of coffee sealed inside a special filter paper.

Folgers Filter Pack Coffee (Special Roast)

Coffee is ground using the patented "mill-flaked" grinding process to maximize the surface area (and extraction) of the coffee grounds. That's how - even though there's less than an ounce of coffee in each filter pack - the taste remains bold and the price remains lower.

Inside the box, you'll find 10 pouches, each of which contains 4 Folgers Special Roast Filter Packs (so, a total of 40 filter packs per box). This coffee is also available in pillow packs.

  • Brews a 10 or 12-cup pot of coffee.
  • Filter packs are easy! No additional paper filters required
  • Unique round filter pack design helps force water through - not around - the filter pack
  • Ideal for use in office coffee brewers

Product Name: Folgers Special Roast Filter Pack Coffee - 40/.8oz

Manufacturer: J. M. Smucker

Item Code: 2550006898

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