Chicory And Coffee (Dark Ground)

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Our version of Chicory and Coffee is a Southern favorite that combines rich, roasted Arabica coffee beans with high-quality chicory for a bolder, sweeter flavor than coffee alone. We recommend trying it café au lait style with steamed milk for a more traditional flavor. 

Chicory and Coffee has become a southern favorite with a slightly peppery, well-spiced aroma and can be used alone or blended with your favorite coffee.

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Product Name USA Chicory

Manufacturer Coffee USA

Item Code 4617

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
J. Roy
Delicious Taste

This espresso conveys precisely what it says it will. A dark, delightful and magnificent way to begin the day.

M. sophie

This is a great coffee that I have loved ever since I lived in Louisiana. This coffee is rich, bold, and never bitter. A simply delightful roast.

brandon starc
Best coffee!

It’s become my favorite coffee. I drink it day by day. This is the best tasting and best value for flavor coffee I have ever purchased.

My Favorite!

This coffee is rich and decently solid simply like I needed. Incredibly content with it and the services was extraordinary!

Alex Blackwell
Great cup of coffee

I make my husband's coffee every morning. He loves it dark and rich tasting so I include more than is regularly suggested. That implies I go through it quicker than typical. I would prescribe to any coffee consumer that what’s an incredible mug of coffee.