Rifle Blend Coffee (Medium)

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 Excite your senses and start your morning right with our exclusive Rifle Blend.

This specialty roast creates a bright and crisp flavor reminiscent of the warm rays of morning sunlight beckoning you to rise and shine for the day. 

You'll love the full-bodied flavor, and balanced acidity of this coffee. 
It brews a full and tastier cup of morning java, without bitterness or a heavy aftertaste. 

We recognize that our brave soldiers serving in harm’s way is a special sacrifice which is why we have committed that a portion of every dollar will be used to support our troops.

Product Name USA Rifle

Manufacturer Coffee USA

Item Code 5140

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Splendid Blend

This coffee is amazing, not only does it taste great but it keeps me regular: P It is full of flavor!

Sean Olin
Eye Opener

My in-laws got me started on it. Best coffee ever honestly. We make it every morning and everyone loves it. It's so rich in flavor

Simply Amazing

Great bold taste! I recommend you try it at least once it will not let you down especially if you are a coffee lover.

Cindy Nell
Aromatic brow

This is my favorite coffee. I don't know why, but it just is so smooth and affordable and simply just delicious

Danielle Pagaz
Love this one

My favorite coffee hands down! Love it so much! From the taste to the smell. It’ll have you addicted in a good way  , the come down of coffee isn’t as horrible as I have with other coffees. It doesn’t give me any headaches what’s so ever, I’ve had others in which give me a huge headache or have a nasty after taste, but of course people we need to brush our teeth! ahah