Java One Coffee Pods - House Blend

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Java One Coffee Pods, house Blend, medium roast, Arabica blend

Specially roasted and precision ground gourmet coffees

Designed exclusively for use with single cup coffee makers

14 coffee pods per box (indiv. wrapped). 6 boxes per case.

Java One - House Blend Single Cup Coffee Pods
Enjoy freshly brewed gourmet coffee anytime you'd like. Java One starts with premium Arabica coffees and carefully roasts each bean using the patented convection roasting method.

Ground, measured, and sealed in individual coffee pod packs for maximum freshness. From the coffee plantation to your mug, Java One is a delightful cup of coffee every time. Each pod contains 9 grams of coffee, perfect for use in the vast majority of coffee pod brewers.

Wide selection of specially roasted and precision ground gourmet coffees
Pods are simple & easy to use - unwrap, brew, and enjoy
 Single cup brewing is more convenient with less coffee waste

 Carry your favorite coffee pods with you wherever you go
Pods maintain their shape and freshness for up to 15 months

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 Each coffee pod makes one cup of superb gourmet coffee
 Each pod is individually wrapped and sealed for maximum freshness
1 Box = 14 coffee pods
1 Case = 6 boxes

Product Name: Java One Coffee Pods - House Blend - 84 Pods

Manufacturer: Java One

Item Code: JAV40306

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