Perfect Servings Creamer Bag - 6 - 1.5 lb. Bags Per Case

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Perfect Servings Creamer, 1.5 lb. Bags

Perfect servings was created to eliminate the clutter and mess in convenience stores, restaurants, and anywhere bulk creamer, sugar, and sweetener is used. Comes in easy pour 1.5 lb. bags for use in dry dispense machines or refillable canisters. Perfect for coffee, tea or any other beverage that needs sweetened.
    • 1.5 lb Bags
    • Use in Dry Dispense Machines
    • Use in Auto Machines for Powdered Milk
    • Powder Type
    • (6)-1.5 lb Bags per Case

      Product Name: Perfect Servings Creamer Bag - 6 / 1.5 lb Case

      Manufacturer: Perfect Servings

      Item Code: PSCREAM.  

  • Item Number 99104

    Weight:  9 lbs. (344 Grams)

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
The best creamer for your coffee maker

I've been using Perfect Servings Creamer Bag in my coffee maker for the past few months, and it's been a huge hit with my employees. They love the delicious flavor of the creamer, and they appreciate how easy it is to use.

Perfect Servings Creamer Bag is also very affordable, which is a big plus for me. I can get a case of 12 bags for a great price, which is perfect for my needs.

If you're looking for the best creamer to use in your coffee maker, I highly recommend Perfect Servings Creamer Bag. It's delicious, affordable, and easy to use.

A creamer for every mood

Perfect Servings Creamer Bag comes in a variety of flavors, so there's something for everyone. I love the original flavor, but I also enjoy the vanilla and hazelnut flavors.

I also love that Perfect Servings Creamer Bag is so versatile. I can use it in my coffee, tea, or even on my cereal.

If you're looking for a creamer that can do it all, I highly recommend Perfect Servings Creamer Bag.

The creamer of my crop

I've tried a lot of different creamers over the years, but Perfect Servings Creamer Bag is by far my favorite. It's the perfect balance of rich and creamy, and it doesn't have any artificial flavors or colors.

I also love that the Perfect Servings Creamer Bag is so convenient. The individual servings are perfect for my coffee on the go, and I never have to worry about wasting any creamer.

If you're looking for a delicious and convenient creamer, I highly recommend the Perfect Servings Creamer Bag.

Efficient and economical

Easy to use in our auto machines for powdered milk. It's both an efficient and economical choice for our school.

Must-have for any business

This product is a must for any business that wants to offer a seamless coffee or tea experience. Trust me; your employees will thank you.