Maxwell House Master Blend Packs 42 Count - 1.1 oz.

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Maxwell House Master Blend Portion Packs

Maxwell House Master Blend Coffee is the perfect coffee for your office. The taste and quality of Maxwell House Coffee makes drinking coffee perfect for all occasions. Maxwell House Coffee is blended to perfection, making a great tasting coffee that is always "good to the last drop."
  • Wonderfully smooth, unique tasting cup of coffee
  • Ideal for coffee pot brewers, airpot brewers, and thermal server coffee brewers
  • At home or office, portion packs are simple, convenient, and easy to use
  • Each portion pack = 1.1 oz of Maxwell House Master Blend Coffee, which makes a 10-12 cup pot of coffee
  • Each box = 42 air-tight packages for maximum freshness

Product Name: Maxwell House Master Blend Packs 42 Ct. -  1.1 oz.

Manufacturer: Kraft

Item Code: 86635

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