Ethiopian Raw Green Beans

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Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Gedeo
District/Kebele: Yirgacheffee, Aricha
Number of growers/producers: less then 1,200
Minimum/Maximum altitude: 2,000-2,200
Soil type: Fertile, red brown, well drainage 1.5 in depth
Flowering period: Jan 1st -Feb End
Harvest period: Mid Oct- End of Jan
Process Dry: Length of fermentation 48 to 76 hrs. depending on the heat and altitude
Drying Method: Sun dried on raised beds for 4-6 weeks. During this period the cherries are turned every couple of hours to stop mold or over fermentation.
Average Rainfall: 1800-2000mm
Average annual temperature: 20-23 degree centigrade
Washing Mill name/Owner: Urdofa/Abyot Ageze
Varietal Local selected varietal
Screen Size 14
Moisture Content Max 11.5

Ethiopia is considered as the birthplace of coffee.  A young goat herder noticed increased energy and liveliness in his flock of goats after munching on the coffee beans.

Thanks to it's thick vegetation, high altitudes and healthy soil the plants grow naturally in Ethiopia and produce some of the best flavors and tones that coffee has to offer.