Mexican Altura Chiapas - Fresh Roasted

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Introducing our exquisite Fresh Roasted Mexican Altura Chiapas coffee – a true embodiment of the rich coffee tradition found in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Elevate your coffee experience with this exceptional single-origin offering, carefully nurtured, harvested, and roasted to perfection.

Flavor Profile: Delight in the intricate flavors that our Fresh Roasted Mexican Altura Chiapas coffee delivers. With a medium roast that preserves the essence of the beans, you'll experience notes of velvety chocolate, balanced by a subtle nuttiness, and a hint of citrus undertones. Each sip is a journey through the verdant landscapes of the Chiapas region, encapsulating the distinct character of its high-altitude cultivation.

Origin and Ethical Sourcing: Sourced from the picturesque region of Chiapas, Mexico, our Altura Chiapas coffee is cultivated at altitudes ranging from 1,200 to 1,600 meters above sea level. The elevation contributes to the beans' slow growth, resulting in dense and flavorful profiles. We take pride in our commitment to ethical sourcing, ensuring that every bean is grown sustainably and harvested by dedicated local farmers who understand the true art of coffee cultivation.

Small-Batch Roasting: To present you with the most captivating flavors, we employ a small-batch roasting approach. Our master roasters meticulously oversee the roasting process, bringing out the nuances of each bean's origin while ensuring a consistent taste in every batch. The result is a coffee that boasts unparalleled freshness, capturing the essence of Chiapas in every sip.

Versatility in Brewing: Whether you prefer a classic drip brew, a velvety espresso, or a smooth pour-over, our Fresh Roasted Mexican Altura Chiapas coffee caters to your brewing preferences. Its well-balanced profile and medium body make it a versatile option that pairs perfectly with various brewing methods, allowing you to enjoy a customized coffee experience.

Experience True Excellence: Indulge in the captivating allure of Fresh Roasted Mexican Altura Chiapas coffee and embark on a journey through the heart of Chiapas, Mexico, with every cup. Immerse yourself in the heritage of high-altitude coffee cultivation, where tradition meets innovation, and flavor meets passion. Elevate your coffee ritual and order your bag of Fresh Roasted Mexican Altura Chiapas today to savor a truly exceptional coffee adventure.

Customer Reviews

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Douglas Brubaker

Great coffee morning or night, not bitter but full of bright, rich flavor. Very similar to Jamaican blue mountain at a fraction of the cost.

Tried 'em all

Been looking for my own favorite coffee beans for quite a while. These suit me especially..