Sumatra Mandheling - Fresh Roasted

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This famous Indonesian coffee highlights a heavy body that is marked with excellent balance and acidity. Chocolatey notes are prevalent in the finish. Master roasted to a delightful medium-dark sheen, creating a fullness of flavor perfect for an early morning jump-start, or as an extra special complement to a wonderful dessert.
And as the so-called third-wave, specialty, progressively lighter-roasting trend has swelled, there's one part of the coffee-growing world that continues to suffer in the opinion of many finer roasters: Sumatra. Why such maligning of an Arabica-producing coffee region with a nearly year-round harvest? The answer has both to do with flavor and with our misunderstanding of where flavor comes from.

Product Name: All Day Gourmet Coffee - Fresh Roasted - Sumatra Mandheling

Roaster: All Day Gourmet

Item Code: 25212

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