Gatorade Instant Powder Mix Case (Fruit Punch)

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Specially formulated to Rehydrate, Replenish, and Refuel™
Replaces essential electrolytes and carbohydrates
Gatorade mix dissolves quickly and easily in water
Each package makes 1 Gallon of Gatorade Thirst Quencher

Each package contains 40 pouches, each containing 8.5 oz of original Gatorade instant powder mix in the refreshing Fruit Punch flavor. This equates to a gallon of instant Gatorade per pouch, totaling an impressive 40 gallons per package. Simply tear open an 8.5 oz Fruit Punch pouch of instant Gatorade powder wherever you are, blend it with fresh water, and you'll be all set to hydrate your entire group.

Gatorade's instant powder finds its ideal use at gatherings, industrial settings, and wherever dependable hydration is essential.

Elevate your hydration approach with the Original Gatorade Instant Powder, the preferred option for individuals in search of optimal sports beverage solutions. Rely on Gatorade's rich history and expertise to deliver the ultimate hydration method, ensuring peak performance regardless of the endeavor.

Product Name: Gatorade Instant Powder Mix - Fruit Punch - 8.5oz Package (1 Gallon


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