Scooping up coffee beans

Colombian, Ethiopian, and Guatemalan Coffee… What’s the Difference?

Sarah Treece

We go to the pantry and grab our favorite morning treat: coffee. The sweet aroma fills the air and nothing better than that first sip, but what exactly are you drinking? Is it Colombian? Or maybe Ethiopian? Does it even really matter, or is it all essentially the same?

The answer is yes and no. Confused yet? Well, the real kicker is that 80% of all coffee beans in production are actually Arabica. As it turns out, the plant (officially named: Coffea arabica ) is practically the universal coffee bean, but its country of origin and its climate affects the bean’s overall taste. That being said, knowing the origin of your beans can help you find a coffee that fits your taste preferences best. Here are some of the few most popular beans:

Different Colored Coffee Beans

Colombian coffee beans are some of the most common and well-known beans in the coffee industry. They offer a well-balanced and full-bodied taste. It is less acidic, giving the bean a perkier, floral taste as opposed to others. If you’re in the market for an easy and traditional cup of joe, then you should consider going the Colombian route.

Ethiopian is going to be your bean of choice if you prefer the classic and citrusy tasting coffee. It will have a much fruitier and tangy flavor, giving you that perfume-like and rich drinking experience. This will definitely be the bean to bring some energy and “zing” into your morning.


coffee and clock

Guatemalan offers a slight twist to the Ethiopian flavor profile. It has the same fruity feel but has a hint of cocoa to finish it off. These beans are less known for their exact flavor profile, but Guatemalan beans are more acclaimed for their solid and balanced tastes. It won’t disappoint, and the fresh taste of these Guatemalan beans cannot be beat.

Lastly, Brazilian and Mexican beans should not be discounted. Although they are generally milder beans in terms of acidity and brightness, they absolutely do not lack any flavor. Smooth and chocolatey, with a slight nuttiness to finish, these beans give you a full and rich cup of coffee. These Brazilian and Mexican beans can deliver quite the exquisite gourmet experience, reminding one of the specialty drinks found in various coffee shops.


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It’s up to you to decide which coffee will be your preferred type, but all-in-all, you can’t go wrong if you’re buying high-quality coffee from a trusted supplier. Coffee Wholesale USA provides a convenient ordering service for everyone, and you can be sure that your coffee tastes the best it can. So, whether you choose Guatemalan or Colombian, you can be sure that Coffee Wholesale USA is going to give you exactly what you desire.