What is Commercial Liquid Coffee Concentrate?

Scott Chronister

Liquid coffee concentrate for machines is a type of coffee that is brewed in a concentrated form and then mixed with water to make a cup of coffee. It is typically used in commercial coffee machines, where it can be stored and dispensed easily.

To make liquid coffee concentrate, coffee grounds are steeped in hot water to extract the flavor and caffeine. The resulting liquid is then concentrated by removing the water through evaporation or other methods. The concentrate can be stored for longer periods of time and used as needed in coffee machines, making it a convenient option for busy establishments that need to serve coffee quickly.

When using liquid coffee concentrate, the user typically adds a certain amount of concentrate to a certain amount of hot water in the coffee machine, allowing the machine to mix the two together and dispense a cup of coffee. The strength of the coffee can be adjusted by adding more or less concentrate, and the concentrate can be stored in airtight containers to maintain its quality over time.

Overall, liquid coffee concentrate is a convenient and efficient way to make coffee in commercial settings, allowing for quick and consistent results.  The bag in box containers can be stored shelf stable and easily switched out using a Scholle screw on connector.

What is a Scholle connector?

Liquid Coffee Concentrate Scholle Connector

A Scholle connector is a type of dispensing fitting used in packaging and dispensing systems for liquids, particularly in the food and beverage industry. The connector is designed to allow for the safe and efficient transfer of liquids between containers, such as bags or pouches, and dispensing equipment.

The Scholle connector consists of two parts: a valve and a cap. The valve is typically inserted into the opening of the bag or pouch, and the cap is then screwed onto the valve to secure it in place. When the cap is removed, the valve opens, allowing the liquid inside the bag to be dispensed through the connector.

One of the key advantages of the Scholle connector is that it is a closed system, meaning that it helps to prevent contamination of the liquid during dispensing. This is particularly important in the food and beverage industry, where maintaining product safety and quality is a top priority.

Another advantage of the Scholle connector is its versatility. It can be used with a wide range of liquids, including juices, dairy products, and sauces, and can be designed to fit different bag or pouch sizes and shapes.

All of our Liquid Coffee products use a Scholle screw on connector.

What are Liquid Coffee Mixing Ratios?

Commercial liquid coffee is often mixed with water to achieve the desired strength and flavor. The ratio of liquid coffee to water can vary depending on the specific product, but a common standard ratio for commercial liquid coffee is 30:1, meaning 30 parts water to 1 part coffee concentrate.

This 30:1 ratio is often used as a starting point and can be adjusted based on personal preference and the strength of the concentrate. For example, if a stronger cup of coffee is desired, less water can be used, such as a 20:1 ratio, while a weaker cup of coffee may require more water, such as a 40:1 ratio.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines when mixing commercial liquid coffee to ensure consistent results. The recommended ratio may be provided on the packaging or in the product information. 

In commercial settings, it's also important to consider the brewing equipment and process. The brewing equipment should be properly calibrated to ensure that the correct amount of water is used for the desired ratio. The brewing process should also be consistent to ensure that the coffee is brewed consistently each time.

Overall, the 30:1 ratio is a common starting point for mixing commercial liquid coffee with water, but the ratio can be adjusted based on personal preference and the strength of the concentrate. Following the manufacturer's guidelines and using proper measuring tools and brewing equipment can help ensure consistent and delicious results.

What machines use Commercial Liquid Coffee Concentrate?

Liquid Coffee Concentrate Machines

The Bunn LCA and Newco LCD and Bunn Nitro Cold Brew are three examples of the most common commercial liquid coffee dispensers that use liquid coffee concentrate. These machines are designed to quickly and easily dispense coffee concentrate into cups or carafes, making them ideal for use in busy commercial settings such as offices, hospitals, and cafeterias.

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