K-Cups or Portafilter: Deciding Which Machine is For You

K-Cups or Portafilter: Deciding Which Machine is For You

Grayson Wise

In this day and age, we have so many options for getting that daily caffeine fix. You might have a local coffee shop you frequent on your commute to school or work. Perhaps you have a trusty machine at your house, or if you are anything like me, somedays you just need all the caffeine you can get so you make a cup at home and go to the coffee shop. Look, no shame in that… I can’t help my personal needs!

Although, if you are in the mood to save some money and want that coffee shop taste at home, then invest in a specialty machine! Yes, they might be slightly more expensive than that $20 coffee pot that stops working after a month, but these specialty machines will be with you for the long haul—I promise! The next task is deciding which is the best fit for you and your lifestyle. The two machines in question: The Keurig and the Espresso machine.

We will begin with the Keurig. Okay, so this is a trusty machine that is known for its convenience in user-friendliness and K-Cup pods. I would suggest this machine for those looking for a quick and delicious cup of coffee in the morning. If you tend to run late, this might be the machine you most desire. All you do it take your pod of choice, insert it and click the bottom. Bam! Instant coffee but better. We have a numerous amount of K-Cups to choose from and for a price that no coffee shop can beat! If you decide the Keurig is your bestie, then click here

Coffee Machine

For those wanting to try something a little different, consider the classic espresso machine. I invested in one this past summer, and I have never looked back! It takes some practice to pull a decent shot of espresso, but once you do… it is a glorious day to be alive. The satisfaction of being able to create that lovely little crema is a magical feeling. You will then start making lattes and americanos left and right! It takes some more time to make some coffee than with the Keurig, but with practice, you can whip out those shots in no time! If you feel that you are ready to take this challenge on, then check out this Italian espresso here.

You’ll need to get that caffeine intake up, so why not get the best bang for your buck with these specialty machines!